Welcome! Caravanzers is your global partner, connecting you to experts with the latest tips and ideas. We are located in the United States and the editor is photographer AJ Paris, but this project belongs to us all. In other words, if you want to become a contributor, feel free to get in touch! You can connect to us by sending us a message below.

Meanwhile, here are some of our authors.


Because we are a travel magazine, we are focused on everything related to travel. As a result, we invite many writers. However, there are a few individuals who write for main topics such as fashion, food, or specific regions of the world.

Here they are:

AJ Paris

AJ Paris writes about travel in general, as well as photography, art, and more. “Because this project was my baby, I can find myself wearing many hats,” he says. “This is a passion project and I don’t feel like I’m working. I could do this all day.” AJ is the author of several travel photography books, including Men Around the World.

Nina Walker

Nina Walker is our food writer. “I’m passionate about food,” she says. “I will try any kind of food once,” she adds. “Frankly, I have rarely eaten food I don’t like. So, I tend to recommend a lot.” As a result, she brings you diverse cuisines. Everything from Italian to Indian and to Ethiopian–and all in between!

Lena Wilson

Lena Wilson is our fashion and style writer. “I’m really into fashion,” she says. “I think I was reading fashion magazines as young as age six. Well, I guess I was looking through them rather than reading, but you get what I’m saying.” Yes, we do! Follow Lena on Instagram.

Li Xiu Ying

Li Xiu Ying is our writer for China. “I think non-Chinese people are still confused about China,” she says. “So, this is my own small way to contribute. I want people to know that China is a very nice country. We have a long history and diverse people. I hope you will like my view.” Li Xiu Ying is the author of Beijing Travel, which is a guide to the Chinese capital.

Tom Larson

Tom Larson is a traveler in Minnesota. He’s passionate about fishing and spends a lot of time in the Lake Superior area every summer. Larson is currently working on a fishing book. He writes for Caravanzers about Minnesota, fishing, and the outdoors. 

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