Travel destinations are the core of our travel plans. People visit destinations for a variety of reasons, including exploration and adventure, relaxation and escape, and learning and education.

Occasionally, we travelers journey to places to connect with people, indulge in culinary experiences, and enhance our health and wellness.

Other times, we travel to commemorate special occasions, conduct business, explore ourselves and reflect, and relish the natural beauty.

These motivations may vary from person to person, and each individual may have a blend of reasons when selecting a destination.

The intent of travel is influenced by personal interests, cultural background, age, and individual circumstances. In the subsequent sections, you will discover multiple destinations to pick from, and we hope you find them enjoyable!

Continental Level Destinations

For more destinations, visit the following sections that deal with Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, North America, and South America.

Africa - Caravanzers

African Destinations

If you want to go directly to latest African posts, go to our Africa Category.

Africa, a diverse and vibrant continent, captivates with its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and abundant wildlife. On this website, we have a lot of destinations in Africa you can explore.

First and foremost, you can go to the Africa page to browse all of the amazing African destinations waiting.

For those of you interested in culture, consider checking our favorite countries in Africa.

Africa is famous for Safari, and we have some. Tanzania probably has the best. This is really an incredible destination for safari.

Likewise, Kenya is another great place. Although smaller than Tanzania, Kenya’s safari will give you a great diversity.

Similarly, we have a great guide on South African safari.

If you love beaches, check out Seychelles. This is a destination that always ranks in the top 10 for most beautiful beaches.

Zanzibar is another great beach destination in Africa. This island nation has tons of gorgeous beaches.

Another great beach destination is Cabo Verde. Known Cape Verde worldwide, this West African destination is gorgeous.

So, we really hope you give Africa a chance!

Asia - Caravanzers

Asian Destinations

Skip this introduction and go to the latest articles in the Asia Category.

Asia, a vast and captivating continent, enthralls with its ancient civilizations, stunning landscapes, diverse traditions, and bustling metropolises.

On this website, we have a lot of guides on Asia. Start your experiences on the Asian page.

Major Asian countries like China, Japan, Thailand, and India are all extensively covered here.

For Chinese destinations, check out our China author Li Xiu Ying profile.

She’s the author of “Beijing Travel” and really shares her country with the world.

Yuri Takahashi is our Japan writer, and this Japanese citizen knows how to present her country in a way that makes sense for travelers.

We also invite you to visit the Indian cities to get a feel for this incredible country.

There are many Thailand articles, but start with Bangkok.

Asia is truly magnificent, and all of the other articles can easily be found on the Asian page referenced above.

Europe - Caravanzers

European Destinations

Want to find all the latest European blogs? Visit the Europe Category.

Europe is a tapestry of history, art, and culture. This continent enchants visitors with its iconic landmarks, charming cities, and a blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication.

Of course, like Africa and Asia, we have a European page, where you will find all of the articles on this continent.

Meanwhile, we have several European countries that we absolutely love.

Italy, France, and Spain are all extensively covered.

Our Spanish article is an example of how we cover European countries.

Check out our city guides such as Paris. This is a favorite city on this website.

So, explore the European page for more.

North American Destinations

North America - Caravanzers

Go to the North Africa Category for latest posts.

North America, a land of diverse landscapes and cultural fusion, offers a myriad of experiences, from stunning natural wonders to vibrant cities, embodying the spirit of adventure and opportunity.

On this website, we have a North American page, naturally. This is a page that has all of the articles of this continent.

We really focus mostly on the United States and Mexico, though.

Visit our Mexico guide for an example of country guides.

Check out our New York City guide for cities.

North America is really unique continent!

South American Destinations

South America - Caravanzers

Our South America Category has the latest articles from this continent.

South America, a continent of vibrant colors and rhythms, entices with its awe-inspiring landscapes, ancient civilizations, and a rich tapestry of cultures that ignite the senses and leave a lasting impression.

As you would expect, we have a South American page, where all of the articles about this continent are tagged.

Our destinations in South America are really diverse. Brazil guide is a good example of a country one.

Check out our Bogota article as an example of a city guide in South America. This is a really interesting continent!

Australian Destinations

Australia - Caravanzers

For the latest posts, head to the Australia Category.

Australia is a vast and diverse country, known for its stunning landscapes, unique wildlife, and laid-back lifestyle.

This is the smallest of all the continents, but we love Australia!

On this website, there is an Australian page. where all of the articles are parked.

That said, we really heavily focus on the country rather than the continent.

To see an example of a country profile, see our Papua New Guinea travel guide.

For vibes, check out what we did with beaches in Australia.

Remember, this continent only has these two countries!

Other Kinds of Destinations

Of course, we have tons of destinations that aren’t necessarily a “location” specific.

For example, check out our guides on cruises. This is a type of a destination that really doesn’t have a location in mind, even if it does go to some.

On the other hand, we do have some “types” of travel, like adventure, for example.

For more types of travel, head to our guides section.

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