South America! The beautiful continent.

Bogota Travel - A Helpful Guide to Colombia’s Beautiful Capital - Caravanzers

Bogota Travel – A Helpful Guide to Colombia’s Beautiful Capital

Bogota travel is an incredible experience to a great destination. People visit for its rich culture, vibrant nightlife, and incredible ...
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Trascender by Daymoon Leminic Eclipseborn - Caravanzers

Trascender by Daymoon Leminic Eclipseborn

Trascender by Daymoon Leminic Eclipseborn is a song you really should listen to. This Colombian artist has a global groove ...
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Brazil Playlist - Caravanzers

Brazilian Playlist for the Trip (Music for the Road)

Brazilian playlist can be fun way to get to know Brazil, and travelers should really consider loading up with these ...
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Chilean Wine

Some people like Chilean wine because it has a fruity flavor and is less acidic than other wine varieties. Additionally, ...
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Ipanema Beach - AJ Paris Travel

Ipanema Beach – A Guide to Rio’s Fun District

Ipanema Beach is the heartbeat of Ipanema, one of the most popular neighborhoods of Brazil’s Marvelous City, Rio de Janeiro ...
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Tips for Beginner Photographers - AJ Paris Travel

Tips for Beginner Photographers

I wish someone gave me these 17 tips for beginner photographers when I was starting out. As a successful photographer, ...
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Best Destinations in South America – A Complete Guide - AJ Paris Travel

Best Destinations in South America – A Guide

Best destinations in South America, including the Amazon Rainforest, Machu Picchu, and more. Explore this amazing continent. By AJ Paris ...
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Virtual Tourism Helps To Stay At Home - AJ Paris Travel Magazine

Virtual Tourism Helps To Stay At Home

Coronavirus got us all wondering the best ways to stay at home, and virtual tourism is something you must try ...
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Rio Neighborhoods - AJ Paris Travel Magazine

Rio Neighborhoods You Must Visit – A Guide

Because Río de Janeiro is a popular global destination, we decided to give you this article on Rio neighborhoods. Meanwhile, ...
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Brazilian Carnival - AJ Paris Travel Magazine

Brazilian Carnival – Your Complete Guide

Brazilian carnival, known in Portuguese as carnival do brasil, is an event that takes place all over the country. So, ...
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Travel Photography 101 - AJ Paris Travel Magazine

Travel Photography 101 – A Complete Guide

Travel photography is dear to me, as I have been photographing people, places, and cultures since 2001. My books “Men ...
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Top Fashion Designers in the World - AJ Paris Travel Magazine

Top Fashion Designers In The World – A Complete Guide

Do you know there are top fashion designers in the world who may not have a store in your mall? ...
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