Australia! This is a fascinating continent.

Travel with James Mrsa - Caravanzers

Travel with James Mrsa – This Content Creator Is Going Places

James Mrsa is a traveler and content creator from Australia. This man has been visiting so many beautiful destinations. His ...
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Adventurous Things to do in Australia - A Guide - Caravanzers

Adventurous Things to do in Australia

There are truly so many adventurous things to do in Australia it can blow your mind. If you’re looking for ...
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Oceans in Australia - AJ Paris Travel

Oceans in Australia and How Travelers Can Help

There is a couple of oceans in Australia, as well as a few seas. Travelers can help by following local ...
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Tips for Beginner Photographers - AJ Paris Travel

Tips for Beginner Photographers

I wish someone gave me these 17 tips for beginner photographers when I was starting out. As a successful photographer, ...
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Australian Beaches – A Complete Guide – AJ Paris Travel Magazine

Australian Beaches – The Top Spots Down Under

Because Australia is a vast country, the best Australian beaches are scattered all over the country. Here are the very ...
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Virtual Tourism Helps To Stay At Home - AJ Paris Travel Magazine

Virtual Tourism Helps To Stay At Home

Coronavirus got us all wondering the best ways to stay at home, and virtual tourism is something you must try ...
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Travel Photography 101 - AJ Paris Travel Magazine

Travel Photography 101 – A Complete Guide

Travel photography is dear to me, as I have been photographing people, places, and cultures since 2001. My books “Men ...
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Best New Year's Vacations - AJ Paris Travel Magazine

Here Are The Best New Year’s Vacations

The year is coming to an end, you want to be somewhere and enjoy yourself––and that's exactly why we put ...
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The Colorful World of Monica Pronk - AJ Paris Travel Magazine

The Colorful World of Monica Pronk

Monica Pronk is a photographer who lives and works in Australia. Her work is incredibly powerful. For example, her choice ...
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Female Photographers - AJ Paris Travel Magazine

Female Photographers Whose Work You Should Support Now

Photography has no borders, yet some female photographers face a lot of challenges their male counterparts do not. For example, ...
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101 Amazing Destination Wedding Locations - AJ Paris Travel Magazine

101 Amazing Destination Wedding Locations

Destination wedding locations come in all types. However, we wanted to make it easy for you on your big day ...
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Travel Health Insurance - AJ Paris TRAVEL

Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance is a must for those of us who travel outside of our countries. For example, there are ...
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