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Monica Pronk is a photographer who lives and works in Australia.

Her work is incredibly powerful.

For example, her choice of color in the photos.

When you look at her work, you can see this is someone passionate about what she is doing.

“I first picked up a camera in year 10,” says the Sydney-based photographer, “But it wasn’t until when I was 18 in University, that I again picked up photography and discovered it as my medium, I have barely put down my camera since.”

Here are some of her images.

Monica Pronk & Color

What is very unique about these images is that they are colorful in every sense of the word. It is not just the background, but it is also what people are wearing, as well as how people are in the images!

Everyone interprets images differently, but I see contentment in the first photo, while the second one expresses laughter, and the third one is pure joy.

In other words, these are emotional images.


Pronk, who is internationally published, says she specializes “in people, fashion, lifestyle and a bit of everything in between.”

Her side project Tanlines is a good example of the “everything in between” part.

It is a project that brings together bodies (women), the ocean, and nature.

One of my favorite images is one where a mixed woman with almost shaved head stands bare in the sun, her eyes closed and hands brought up to the chest, in a background that looks like a painting.

Of course, it was amazing to see that one of the locations I used in one of my photos was also used by this incredible photographer. (You can see that photo here.)

Very interesting project, indeed!

Working With Her

To work with Monica Pronk, visit her website.

Likewise, you may use her Instagram account to get in touch with her or follow her work.

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