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Because it is a top destination in Africa, a Seychelles travel will give you tons of things to do and see, including beaches and lots of sun!

By AJ Paris

So, we chose Seychelles as one of the seven African countries you must visit once in your life.

There is a reason why this island nation is a top tourist attraction.

After all, it has beautiful islands, full of incredible beaches, landscapes, and other types of nature.

However, it is its people and culture that will warm your heart.

So, let us go more in-depth and learn more about this fantastic destination.

How to Get to Seychelles

Because Seychelles is an island nation off the African continent, it is not easy to reach.

“However, it is not impossible,” explains Lukas, a German travel expert. “From Germany, for example, we have direct flights,” he adds.

For instance, there is a nonstop flight from Frankfurt to Victoria offered by Condor.

“So, Condor is the economy sister of Lufthansa,” explains Lukas. “It generally focuses on holiday destinations,” he adds.

Meanwhile, the nonstop flight is nearly 10 hours and arrives at the airport with the code of SEZ.

Seychelles International Airport, known in French as Aéroport de la Pointe Larue, is an international airport.

It is near the capital city of Victoria on the island of Mahé.

“Because of the distance, a flight to Seychelles should be researched in advance,” says Lukas. “For example, if you live in France, you want to check out Air France,” he adds.

So, Lukas says that Air France’s Flight AF246 operates between Paris and Victoria.

“It is also a nonstop flight, meaning it will take nearly 10 hours,” he adds.

For travelers coming from the United States, there aren’t any nonstop flights to Seychelles.

Instead, Lukas recommends flying through the sister companies.

“For example, Delta is associated with Air France through their SkyTeam network,” he says.

Lukas suggests connecting with travel experts for travelers from far regions, such as Australia.

“No matter what you do, you must visit Seychelles,” says Lukas.

We agree!

Seychelles Islands

Seychelles Travel – Things to Do and See - Islands - AJ Paris Travel Magazine

Seychelles is composed of many islands.

However, around 90% of the local population lives on the island of Mahé.

“Of course, there is more to see than Mahé,” says Patricia, an American travel expert. “For example, I absolutely love La Digue,” she adds. “The beaches on this island are incredibly beautiful!”

Meanwhile, Patricia does say assume you will arrive through Mahé, as previously noted because it has an international airport.

“But once you are there, it should be no trouble to find your way around the islands,” she says.

However, there is no direct connection between Mahé and La Digue.

Instead, you need to go to Praslin with a ferry, and then switch.

For instance, Patricia recommends working with a local travel agency.

Oliver and Emily are a couple from Australia.

They arrive in Mahé and, after enjoying the island for a few days, they make their way to another island.

“He has been saying he wanted to see a beach in Praslin since forever,” says Emily. “So, I booked a trip with a local agency here, and they took care of everything.”

Emily says she first tried to do things on her own.

“I’m such an adventurer and thought it would be easy,” she says. “But, unfortunately, I soon learned it was not as easy,” she adds.

After working on her own for several days, adjusting dates, and this and the other, she gave up.

“I looked up travel agencies in the area,” she says.  

For instance, there are hundreds of travel agencies in Victoria that will be able to take care of your every need.

Meanwhile, other famous islands include CurieuseAldabra, and Ile du Nord.

Seychelles Weather

Believe it or not, the Seychelles weather is fantastic!

It never gets too hot or too cold.

For instance, it never gets colder than 75 °F (or 24 °C) and doesn’t get warmer than 88 °F (31 °C).

Likewise, high winds are infrequent, because these islands are not on the cyclone belt.

“However, it does get very humid here,” says Alejandra, a Spanish expatriate who lives in Victoria. “You see, these islands are rather small,” she adds. “But, you will love it anyhow.”

Nevertheless, May to November is the best time to visit.

“This is a nice time on the islands,” says Alejandra. “It is breezy, and it is just a good time to be here.”

Meanwhile, December to March is the rainy season, although it doesn’t rain much outside of Mahé.

March to May is the hottest period.

Seychelles Population

Seychelles Travel – Things to Do and See - Population - AJ Paris Travel Magazine

Seychelles is a fascinating country.

There are East African, including Malagasy, French, Indian, and Chinese—all who are local.

Likewise, there is a growing number of expatriates.

As a result, the faces are diverse.

“Like Madagascar, Seychelles is home to Malagasy people,” explains Richard, a British ex-pat.

The Malagasy people are Austronesian people who are native to the islands.

“Genetically, they are linked to both Africa and Asia,” says Richard.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of Black African people from East Africa, as well.

“They were brought here in the 18th and 19th centuries,” says Richard. “Some came looking for work after slaves in Mauritius were freed,” he adds.

There are also Tamils and Chinese here.

Everyone speaks Seychellois Creole, which mixes French and African languages, and some speak English and French on top of it.

“Many Tamils arrived through Mauritius,” explains Richard.

Pondicherry, a Tamil settlement in India, was under the French East India Company.

“So, many Tamils went to French areas during that time,” says Richard.

Like the Tamils, many Chinese arrived through Mauritius.

“Today, most Chinese Seychellois do not speak the Chinese languages,” explains Richard.

Meanwhile, both the Indian and Chinese intermarried with the local Africans, producing very mixed people!

So, expect to see diverse faces.

Seychelles Religion

Religion in Seychelles is interesting.

Around 85% of the population is Christian, the majority of them being Roman Catholic.

Then, there is a small community of Hindus, numbering around 2.5%.

Finally, there is an even smaller number of Muslims, which are about 1.5% of the population.

The country has some old churches.

For example, the Cathedral of Victoria, or Cathédrale de l’Immaculée-Conception de Victoria, has been around since the mid-1800s.

“There are also interesting Hindu temples and mosques,” says Richard.

For instance, the Arulmigu Navasakti Vinayagar is a beautiful Hindu temple built in the Tamil style in Victoria.

Likewise, the Sheikh Mohamed bin Khalifa Mosque in Victoria is a modern mosque built in the style of East Africa.

So, they are exciting places to visit!

Seychelles Food

Because the people are diverse, so is the food!

For instance, did you know that there is a rougaille, which is a French dish of Tamil origin?


Vikram Doctor, writing for India Times, says that there is a New Zeeland chef who writes about the mix of foods in these islands.

For example, Vikram says in Mauritius and Reunion, “you’ll find dishes like achards, or pickles (from achar), rougails, or spicy accompaniments (apparently derived from a Tamil term ouroukaille) and rasson, or rasams, which Burton notes in Mauritius were sometimes spiked with rum!”

Another Indian-inspired item is the satini, which is similar to chutney.

However, a prevalent local dish is ladob banan, which is baked banana on a bed of coconut milk.

“It is made of banana, coconut milk, vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg,” says Richard, our British expatriate friend.

It is a popular dish for breakfast or as a sweet.

Of course, there is also the weird stuff.

For instance, there is something called rousettes, which is a bat curry!

“I have never tried it,” says Richard. “People say it tastes good,” he adds. “But, I’m just not adventurous enough for that.”

In other words, there are different types of food to check out.

Seychelles Vacation 

Seychelles Travel – Things to Do and See - Vacation - AJ Paris Travel Magazine

So, what should you do and see in Seychelles?

A lot!

The country is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

In fact, Anse Source D’Argent Beach in La Digue is often considered the best on earth.

“It is for sure a beach you will never forget,” says Patricia, the American travel expert. “No one can describe it for you, and pictures really do not do this beach justice,” she adds.

Likewise, Beau Vallon Beach in Mahé is another magnificent beach.

Seychelles Resorts

Similarly, Anse Lazio Beach in Praslin is another great one.

The nation is also home to diverse flora and fauna that is endemic to the islands.

For example, the lodoicea, or double coconut, is endemic to these islands.

If you love mountains, check out Morne Seychellois, which is the highest peak and is in Mahé.

“The park that surrounds it is home to diverse birdlife,” says Patricia. “If you’re into birds at all, you will love it there.”

Another incredible thing to see at this park is the sooglosid, which is one of the smallest frog species in the world!

Likewise, the domed giant tortoise is endemic to these islands, as well!

Because of the plentiful coastline, there are many oceanic species to discover and enjoy.

Yeah, there is tons of stuff to do!

Seychelles Traveler Story

Ivan and Anastasia are a young couple from Russia.

They married the year before but didn’t have a chance to take their “dream” honeymoon to Seychelles.

“So, we waited,” says Ivan. “Now, after fourteen months, we are here,” he adds. “We are going to enjoy our honeymoon, after all.”

The couple arrives through the Mahé airport, and they spend a full week on the island. 

“We just loved everything,” says Anastasia. 

From Mahé, they go to Praslin by ferry.

They spend three days there.

“You feel like you see everything in three days,” says Ivan.

Afterward, they spend two days in La Digue. 

“It was all beach,” laughs Anastasia.

Before they go back to Russia, the couple spends a few more days in Mahé.

Ivan says he wishes they had more time in Mahé because he sees himself living there for a while.

“Maybe a year, or two,” he smiles. 

It doesn’t seem like Ivan and Anastasia have had much to see, but they did.

“We really enjoyed it,” says Anastasia. “Of course, if we had more time, it would be even better,” she adds. “But overall, we enjoyed our trip.”

They spent time at the beach, hiking in the park, eating good food, and meeting amazing locals.

Yes, they had a good time!

Sample Seychelles Travel Itinerary

There are many ways to enjoy Seychelles. If you only have 10 days, here is how to best spend them.

Day 1: Arrive in Mahé.

Day 2: Explore Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market.

Day 3: Visit spiritual spaces (Cathedral, Hindu Temple, Mosque, etc).

Day 4: Go hike in the Morne Seychellois National Park.

Day 5: Rest at the Beau Vallon beach.

Day 6: Visit Praslin Island.

Day 7: Visit La Digue Island.

Day 8: Return to Mahé and rest.

Day 9: Shop for souvenirs.

Day 10: Fly back home.


We covered a lot in this article.

First of all, we figured out how to get to Seychelles, with examples from Europe, including direct flights.

Then we talked about the climate, when to visit, and its natural beauty.

Of course, we then talked about the people of this incredibly diverse nation and their roots.

We dived into the food and even religion.

Finally, we covered the hot spots to check out and what to put on your list!

Of course, we gave you a travel story and sent you off with a sample itinerary!

AJ Paris is a travel photographer based in New York. He is the editor of Caravanzers.

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