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“I’m so sorry, Sir,” said the young woman at the gate counter, “I don’t think we have any more room.”

After that, she proceeded to tell the business man that his luggage was too bulky.

Because the flight was full, she told him she had to tag it and checked it in.

Certainly, as you can imagine, the traveler got upset.

He should have read this article…

Business Travel Luggage

Of course, I understand that not every business person owns business travel luggage, we decided to create this article to help you out.

In the meantime, keep in mind that this post features links through which if you make purchase we are compensated. Of course, it is no cost to you and this supports our work.

Now, let’s jump into this.

Best Business Travel Luggage (The Very Best)

Here are the very best in business travel luggage.

Travelpro Luggage Sets – The crew of nearly 100 airlines trust this company to deliver their business travel luggage needs. Because the company creates awesome luggage sets, which are as beautiful as they of great quality, they have accumulated a growing number of fans over the years. Additionally, the affordable pricing make them a great contender! This is why it is #1 on our list. Click Here to check out some of Travelpro’s luggage sets.

TUMI Alpha 3 Collection – Because this collection is focused on design, performance, and function, it is really hard to find a beatable thing. The only reason it is not #1 is because the price is a bit out of range for most travelers. However, if you can afford them, these are some beautiful bags! Click Here to check out some of Tumi’s luggage sets.

Coolife Aluminum 3 Piece Frame Set – Because they have luxurious German made aluminum, we are sold! Meanwhile, these bags come with double wheels, protective bumper corners, as well as TSA-approved lock. Oh, yeah, and the price is awesome! Click Here to check out some of Coolife’s luggage sets.

The Very Good

TACH TUFF 3-Piece Hardcase – So, this is the company that creates the connectable luggage! For instance, this hardcase set can be connected so that you can put it all at once with their cool wheels. Now, you know that is gonna get you noticed at the airport! Meanwhile, these are actually great bags at great prices. Click Here to check out some of Tach’s luggage sets.

Samsonite 2-Piece Softside Set – So, who else associates Samsonite with all things luggage? Yeah! Meanwhile, this duo will do the trick. Because you have a checked in one that is very roomy, your spinner business 20″-er is fine to accompany you in the plane. Click Here to check out some of Samsonite’s luggage sets.

Nicole Miller Cameron Collection Expandable 2 Piece Luggage Set – So, dudes, this is for the ladies. Because Nicole Miller knows how to travel in style, this classic and chic business travel luggage set is both beautiful and functional. Click Here to check out some of Samsonite’s luggage sets.

The Good

AmazonBasics 3 Piece Set – Because the famous company owns the AmazonBasics brand, many rely on the affordable and durable stuff they make. On the other, you don’t expect anything from them to be fashionable, but here is an exception! The whole All-Black thing works! Click Here to check out some of AmazonBasic’s luggage sets.

SHOWKOO Expandable 3 Piece Set – Because Showkoo is more on the affordable side, people tend to not expect a whole lot! For example, aside from being durable, they also come with TSA-approved lock and wheels that turn whichever way you go! So, yeah, expect a lot! Click Here to check out some of Showkoo’s luggage sets.

American Tourister 3 Piece Set – Because price is important to so many, we needed to include something super affordable. So, that is exactly what this set gives you! Meanwhile, this light set is actually not bad. Give it a chance! Click Here to check out some of American Tourister’s luggage sets.

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