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Delicious and traditional, there are some nice Christmas cookies from around the world in this post!

So, what qualifies as Christmas cookies?

Well, in some cultures they are really designated as such.

However, in other cultures people just eat popular stuff!

So, here are some of our favorites.

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Pepparkakor (Sweden)

Ok, so in Sweden, gingerbread cookies are called pepparkakor.

If Santa lives in North Pole, then surely the Swedish are his neighbors.

So, if you want to get some of these gingerbread cookies, then we recommend Nyåkers Swedish Ginger Cookies Heart-Shaped Gingersnaps from Sweden!

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If you would like to make them from scratch, then get this recipe from the website Swedish Food.

Pfeffernüsse (Germany)

In Germany, Christmas is spicy and delicious.

For example, there is such a thing as Christmas spiced wine, which you find across all German-speaking countries.

Of course, same is true for cookies.

Pfeffernüsse, or spiced cookies, are popular during Christmas.

There are plenty of them online, but our favorite is the Weiss brand.

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Meanwhile, if you would like to make them from scratch, then check out Martha Stewart’s recipe.

Ricotta Biscotti (Italy)

Italy has a long tradition with Christmas.

After all, the Vatican is in the heart of Rome.

So, Christmas cookies are a plenty and our favorite is Ricotta Biscotti, which are made with ricotta, a type of cheese.

We love Pasticceria Matilde Vicenzi’s Assortment of Patisseries, which you can find online.

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If you want to make the Ricotta Biscotti from scratch, check out Paneangeli’s recipe.

Maamoul (Lebanon)

So, if Jesus was on earth today he would probably enjoy these.

Because date-filled cookies are so common in the Middle East!

If you have never tried them, you are in for a treat.

We recommend getting a bag from Libanais, which you can find online.

To purchase a bag of Maamoul and Ghraybeh (another holidays favorite) from Amazon, Click Here.

To make these delicious cookies from scratch, get Maureen Abood’s recipe.

Paciencia (Philippines)

Filipino food is so delicious!

Of course, these cute cookies are no less.

Meanwhile, we have no idea how to help you get some online.

Because paciencia are meringue in nature, we thought we would recommend you to get some from Trader’s Joe.

To purchase some merginues cookies, Click Here.

However, if you would like to make them from scratch, Tara’s recipe is awesome!

Chin Chin (Nigeria)

Nigerians love their Christmas.

Chin Chin, you could say, is the national snack.

These are fried cookies!

So, to try them, we suggest the Triple A Gourmet Treats, which you can find online.

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Alfajores (Latin America)

So, we are entering the Latin American continent with a bang.

Alfajores, also know known as alajú, are super popular cookies from many cultures in Latin America and beyond.

They entered Latin America from Spain.

However, they are most popular today in countries like Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia, among others.

Meanwhile, we love Cachafaz Alfajor Maizena from Amazon! They are filled with dulce de leche and decorated with shredded coconut.

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If you would like to make them from scratch, then head to New York Times to get the recipe for it.

Brigadeiros (Brazil)

Brigadeiros are delicious Brazilian fudges.

Because they are not the huge fudges we are used to in the United Statates, these are actually considered cookies.

So, according to Globo, which is the largest media company in Brazil, these yummy fudges were created by Heloisa Nabuco de Oliveira, a baker from Rio de Janeiro.

That is, these are modern cookies!

We love Maya’s Brigadeiro Brazilian Sweets Premium Gift Box, which is from Amazon. To purchase them, Click Here.

Meanwhile, if you would like to make them from scratch, head to Hilah Cooking.


As you can tell, we are passionate about cookies and Christmas!

So, we got you some North Pole-ish cookies from Sweden, had you try delicious Jesus-friendly ones from Lebanon, and even hooked you up with Nigerian fried yummies!

Hey, least you can do is let us know which one got your taste buds going!

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Nina Walker is a food writer for Caravanzers.

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