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Halloween ideas are all around us, because this is a big holiday.

So, even going to store will definitely get you to come into contact with all things Halloween from September forward!

Therefore, this article is for those of you who want to think outside the box while still playing along.

Meanwhile, we do want to make sure our readers understand this is not in any way to make light of Halloween.

For example, we know this is a real spiritual holiday for Mexicans or many others who celebrate the Day of the Dead in a serious way.

So, forgive us if we offend you in any way!

Halloween Ideas

Because Halloween is so spooky, you want to think about several items.

For example, what costume will you wear?

Similarly, what about the make up?

Likewise, you also want to think about the décor!

After that, what is a Halloween without a spooky party?

So, here are some ideas to get you going.

Halloween Ideas / Costume

Because the costume is so important, you want to think about it from multiple levels.

For instance, if you’re a couple, try to think about a way to coordinate your costume.

Like what?

For example, Bonnie and Clyde!

However, there are more couples in history than just bad ones, as of course you could also give Romeo and Juliet a chance.

Meanwhile, if you have kids, then incorporate that into the mix, as well.

For example, imagine running into a family in Chucky!

Literally, that would scare the crap out of some people!

On the other hand, if you’re single, go for something less scary!

Maybe a sexy nurse or even a fairy?

Male or female!

No problem!

Halloween Ideas / Makeup

Because makeup is so much fun, and can truly alter your look, it is an essential part of Halloween.

Certainly, the spookier the better.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that sometimes the simplest is the scariest.

For example, a black and white makeup.

Yeah, scary as heck!

Halloween is a time to let loose.

As a result, don’t be afraid to apply makeup on the kids, as well.

However, make sure it is natural makeup with as little chemicals as possible, as their delicate skin might not withstand harsh stuff.

Halloween Ideas / Decor

Because kids will come by, and the entire neighborhood will see your place, you want to think about how to have proper decor.

Certainly, you want to think about decoration for both inside and out.

For example, outside decoration should be both spooky and cute. As a result, a good outdoor decor is something that combines lights and spookiness.

For example, a spooky item that has light within it or around it.

Meanwhile, indoor decorations can feature similar combination.

For instance, a skull next to a candle gives you a combination of spooky and cool feelings.

Halloween Ideas / Party

Because Halloween is a time to party, consider expanding your parties into indoor/outdoor as well.

So, the kids are coming by, why not get into festive mode even if you’re not dressing up.

For example, a simple Venetian mask is enough to make the kids go, “Wow!”

Meanwhile, consider setting up a spooky party in the woods.

Hey, it is once a year thing.

You might as well do it big or go home!


Halloween is fun!

Put some costumes on, play with make up, and have a great party!

Happy Halloween!

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