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10 Cities for Handmade Fashion is part of our Fashion section. Meanwhile, you should know this article features commission-based links, if you purchase the products online. However, we are not benefiting from the physical markets, stores, and cities mentioned.

Because general fashion can be somewhat uniform, handmade fashion gives us a chance to shine our uniqueness. 

As a result, traditional fashions have resurfaced stylishly.

So, fashionistas worldwide know there are specific locations that offer more than just a beautiful tourist destination. 

These locations are also perfect for scoring some handmade fashion items!

Because these locations are scattered all over the world, we decided to pick just ten locations. 

So, here they are… 

Handmade Fashion 

Meanwhile, before we jump into these excellent locations and what they offer, let’s first describe what handmade fashion is.

So, what exactly is handmade fashion? Handmade fashion is anything hands make, even if using machinery, and which a person would wear.

In other words, handmade doesn’t always mean hands only make it.

Cotton Caftan 

Moroccan Caftan

Because Morocco is tourist heaven, as it is the most visited African destination, many people are satisfied to only see the mountains, the ocean, and the lovely culture.

However, did you know that the country is also home to a popular fashion item called the Moroccan caftan?

So, what is a caftan? 

A caftan is a type of clothing worn throughout many cultures.

Of course, the caftan is different in a different culture.

For instance, in Morocco, the caftan shows up as an outer dress worn over other clothes.

Likewise, the material is different, and in Morocco, it is cotton. 

The best place to score one of these is at the medina or old town of any major city. For instance, the medina of Marrakech. 

Meanwhile, you can buy it online if you’re not heading to Morocco soon.

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Handmade Leather Belts 

Leather Belt

Now that you scored a lovely caftan, what about accessorizing with a cute leather belt?

Because India is a fabulously colorful country, the best place to get one of these would be in Pushkar, in the northern state of Rajasthan.

Why Pushkar?

Because the city is famous for its Camel Fair, and most of the leather there is made from camels, it has become a hotbed for leather. 

Of course, Pushkar is a small city nearby to the principal town of Ajmer. 

However, the city’s main bazaar, which is also the main drag, is home to many leather shops that can make whatever you want.

Certainly, there are some available online if you’re not going to Pushkar.

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Rattan Bags

Rattan Bag

Since you got cotton and leather, maybe it is time to change up things and jump into another kind of material.

What about a Rattan handbag?

Because not everyone knows what a Rattan is, we thought we should explain quickly. 

Rattan bag is a wicker bag that is made in Asia because they are made from the Rattan tree.

For instance, Rattan bags are fashionable in Thailand.

Therefore, many fashionistas know to get their fix from there.

So, where is the best place to score one of these? 

Certainly, Bangkok’s Chatuchak market is probably your best bet. 

Meanwhile, unless you want to check out all of this market, you can skip the drama and go straight to the sections 2 to 6 and 10 to 26.

Meanwhile, you can still score some on the web if you’re not going to Thailand.

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Valenki Boots

Valenki Boots

So, you got yourself a cute caftan, accessorized it with a cool leather belt from India and a fabulous Rattan bag from Thailand.

What could you possibly add to that bohemian look?

How about some valenki boots?

Because not everyone knows what these are, you should know they are boots that are made from the excellent material known as felt. 

For instance, this is the same material that you would make a fedora hat.

So, valenki is a type of boots from Russia that is made of felt. 

Meanwhile, not all of Russia is into the stuff. 

So, where should you go to get some?

For instance, the Izmailovsky Market in Moscow.

Of course, if you’re not going to Russia soon, then we would recommend getting them online.

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Alpaca Poncho

Alpaca Poncho

Because you added boots to your outfit, maybe you should also check out some other stuff to keep you warm in the winter.

For example, how about a poncho from Peru?


Meanwhile, alpaca is a type of a camel found in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador. 

Therefore, ponchos in some of these cultures are made from the alpaca fur.

Of course, we are going to get ours from Peru!

Best place to grab one? 

Anywhere in Peru.

However, experienced fashionistas get theirs from the San Pedro market in Cusco.

Meanwhile, get these beauties online if you can’t make it to Peru.

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Handmade Felt Hats

Felt Hats

Because you already got yourself some velinki boots, you are familiar with felt material.

Meanwhile, the best felt hats are found in Asheville, North Carolina!

Why do we choose Asheville?

Because Asheville is weird AF! 

In a good way.

For example, according to Deanna Loew, Asheville has a male nun cyclist, topless protestors, and hippie festivals. 

So, yeah, get your felt hat from any of the hippie shops.

However, if you’re not heading into beautiful Asheville soon, then grab yours online.

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Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry

So, your outfit is almost finished, and we think having some colorful jewelry will make that final push.

As a result, the next three suggestions are all jewelry.

Of course, different people want different types of jewelry.

So, let’s start with turquoise jewelry.

Because turquoise has been a symbol of wealth and opulence in many cultures, this gemstone is always in fashion.

And the best part?

It goes with everything!

Best place to grab them is Santa Fe, New Mexico.

For instance, there are some shops at the Santa Fe Plaza that sell locally sourced stuff.

Meanwhile, if you are in a hurry, you can grab some from Amazon!

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Maasai Beads  

Maasai Beads

The Maasai people of Tanzania and Kenya are fascinating!

As a result, their beading work is interesting too!

Moreover, Maasai beads are super colorful. 

For instance, they can have as many as fifty colors!

So, where is the best place to find some?

Nairobi’s Gikomba market is the right spot!

Meanwhile, you can also order some online.

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Belgian Diamonds

Belgian Diamonds

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then every girl should head to Antwerp, Belgium.


Because around 85% of the world’s diamonds are rooted there.

So, where should you get some diamonds from?

Well, the city of Antwerp has an entire district for the diamonds. 

Meanwhile, you can start your diamond love affair online.

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Handmade Local Market

A local market in Milan

Guess what, your local city has a handmade market!

Certainly, almost all of the sizeable cities in the world have their own version of a market from which the locals can grab some handmade stuff.

So, let us know in the comments if you have something specific we should all be checking out!


Because handmade fashion is all over the world, we decided to focus on ten locations. 

As a result, you have a diverse number of locations in this article that will give you access to tons of fashion items you will love.

For instance, we talked about clothing, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories. 

So, what is your favorite kind?

Let us know! 

Lena Wilson is a fashion writer for Caravanzers.