Hostel Etiquette - AJ Paris TRAVEL

Because hotels tend to be so expensive, especially during the “high” season when travelers are traveling more than normal, hostels are great option!

On the other hand, hosteling means sharing spaces with people.

For instance, sometimes you can rent your own room but you might share the bathroom with others.

However, more than likely you will share the room with others in most hostels.

So, here are some things to keep in mind.

Hostel Etiquette

So, the most important etiquette to pay attention to is the general stuff at the place.

For example, follow the rules or local regulations.

Because many hostels are popular with international tourists, understand that not everyone will have the same type of cultural etiquettes you have.

For instance, it may be okay for American to show his feet, as he places his on the other knee, but it is really rude for Japanese to do same.

Therefore, understand we are all different.

Hostel Dorm Etiquette

Because hostel dorm rooms tend to have more than a couple of beds, chances are you will smell, hear, and see things you might not want to see.

In other words, be cool and don’t make a scene.

Meanwhile, if you come into the room and it is after 10pm, don’t turn on the lights.

Likewise, if you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, be as quiet as you can in doing so.

Similarly, if you need to change try doing that in the bathroom, because you might be rooming with people who might feel uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, if you know you’re snorer, warn them, as then they can choose to use earplugs or not.

Hostel Bathroom Etiquette

Because we are all sharing the bathroom, don’t take real estate in there.

Certainly, we all know you have to use the bathroom and we don’t blame you for being human.

However, you don’t need to take a 2-hour shower in the morning when you know we are all here trying to get clean too.

In other words, don’t feel bad about using the bathroom, but make it as quickly as you can.


Hostels are really cool.

They are cheap.

And usually centrally located.

However, keep in mind it is not a hotel room.

So, when you use the amenities, get in and get out and don’t make it too difficult for others to do same things.

In other words, be mindful of the fact that there are other people there.

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