Male Model Ramiro Brett - AJ Paris TRAVEL

Meet male model Ramiro Brett, who works and lives in Aruba, is a man whose talent you cannot deny.

“For about two years I have been here,” says the 21-year-old Venezuelan.

We hope this small article will help you get to know him and that you will see how special he is!

So, here we go!

He Is Natural

Just take a look at this photo!

Look at his eyes, his gaze, the way he holds his hand, and the expression on his face.

It is very clear that he has a natural talent for what he does.

He was discovered by an agent, but Ramiro says he is happy about this.

“I realized I was born to be in front of the camera,” he says, adding the feeling of being on fashion stage is something special that only those who do it know.

He Loves Fashion

“My biggest dream is to be able to work for big brands,” he says.

Ramiro had a chance to work with Aruban fashion designer Ronchi de Cuba, who recently celebrated three decades of in the industry.

Photo after photo, it is very easy to imagine him in Calvin Klein, Gucci, or even Dolce & Gabbana.

He’s a Family Man

One of his dreams is to provide for his mother.

“She deserves the sky,” says Ramiro, adding it would be wonderful for him to provide enough so that his mother doesn’t have to work.

Hey, who doesn’t love a guy who has a soft spot for his mom?


Follow male model Ramiro Brett on Instagram @brettramirooo or contact his agency, KOMA Model Management.

Lena Wilson is a fashion writer for Caravanzers.