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As part of celebrating the warmest months of the year, we present plus size dresses for the summer season, including the short, medium, and long ones!

By Lena Wilson

Plus size dresses are all over the market, and there is no better time to jump into a dress than the summer season.

Of course, plus size women are not a “trend.”

Moreover, plus size women are really diverse.

So, let’s break down the types of dresses that might fit with different types of women.

Plus Size Summer Dresses

Plus size summer dresses come in all shapes and forms.

For example, we will describe several, including the mini, midi, and maxi.

In other words, these dresses cover your body and go down to about from the upper thighs to the ankles.

Meanwhile, we need to mention other types of dresses also.

For instance, a lady needs her summer beach dress, cocktail dress, and evening dress.

Therefore, there is a summer dress for every occasion, including working or even in a professional setting.

“You can’t show up to work in a mini dress,” says Susan, a banker in New York City. “Unless, of course, it is that kind of job,” she adds, smiling.

So, it is essential to have the right white dress for the right moment of your summer!

Summer Short Dresses

Plus Size Dresses for the Summer Season - Short - AJ Paris Travel

When we say white summer short dresses, we are talking about the mini, the cocktail, and the nighty slip!

Yes, these are sexy dresses, friends!

We are going to dive into each and give you some recommendations as to what to purchase.

Summer Slip

Okay, this is a strictly sexy dress.

Let’s say it is Saturday afternoon in the summer, and the kids are at your mom’s house.

And, let’s say your man is doing some work in his office.

“You have to interrupt him,” says Karen, a nurse in Chicago. “Basically, that is a situation where your man needs you to yank him out of it,” she laughs.

Yeah, that is a moment when a slip will do its magic!

Likewise, a slip dress is perfect for a warm summer evening on the balcony, cozying up to your boyfriend.

Similarly, a slip is a great dress to wear to go to bed!

Mini Dress

Mini dresses can be confusing for some women. For example, a lot of women are often wondering about the length. Generally speaking, a mini dress is a dress that goes to the middle of your thigh, between your hips and your knees.

So, the mini dress has multiple purposes.

For example, there is a professional one, which can be worn under a jacket.

“I have seen women do this,” says Susan, from New York. “I don’t think I would ever do it, though,” she adds. “To me, a mini dress is either casual or sexy.”

Of course, the casual mini dress is super popular, because it has many options and uses.

Likewise, the body-hugging mini dress, regardless of the material, is always popular with party girls.

“A mini dress that shows your curves is perfect,” says Alissa, a self-described partier in her 20s. “In Los Angeles, a bodycon mini is a thing to do, because it goes with anything,” she adds.

However, not everyone looks good in a mini dress.

“Minis are perfect for taller girls,” says Rebecca, a stylist in New York. “They are also great for athletic women, or basically any woman with long legs,” she adds.

Rebecca says if you can pull off a mini dress, however, it can be very sexy.

“Nothing sexier than a woman in a mini, especially if there are heels involved,” she says.

So, there is a lot to consider with a mini dress.

Cocktail Dress

Another dress that gets some women scratching their heads.

So, what exactly is a cocktail dress? Generally speaking, a cocktail dress has a length that goes to just above your knees. However, some say it should go to just below the arms reach. That is, of course, when your arms are down next to your body.

“Cocktail dress is appropriate for cool events,” says Rebecca. “Of course, it is not as formal as the evening gown, but a cocktail dress can impress,” she adds. “I would say to pay attention to the invitation.”

Rita, who lives in Miami, says she loves wearing cocktail dresses because it makes her feel like she went back in time.

“There is something about this type of dress that makes me think of the 1950s,” she says.

Although that is true for many, the truth is that the cocktail dress is for any period!

Meanwhile, it all has to do with how you style it.

“If you wear modern accessories, then it is modern,” says Rebecca.

So, give both a try!

Summer Long Dresses

Plus Size Dresses for the Summer Season - Long - AJ Paris Travel

Of course, it is not just short dresses, as there are also summer long dresses.

For example, we are talking about the midi, the maxi, and the evening dresses!

Each of these gives you a chance to showcase your personality, and, of course, they are dependent on the occasion.

So, let’s get into them, and we will even have some recommended links.

Midi Dress

The midi dress might be even more confusing to some women. Generally speaking, the midi dress is a dress that has a length that goes down to your mid calves. In other words, the hem is at the halfway point between your knees and ankles.

A midi is a great dress to transition into the season.

“It is perfect for early summer or late summer when the weather might be a bit cooler,” says Rebecca.

Meanwhile, it is a dress you can wear to work, to a weekend day party, or even around the house.

“A midi also makes for a great date dress,” says Melinda, who lives in Columbus, Ohio. “I don’t know why, but I feel like it disarms men,” she adds.

Rebecca says midis look great with flats or sneakers.

“Flats make it casual and the sneakers more athletic,” she says. “So, it depends on what type of mood you’re going for,” she adds. “However, it is such a trend now to wear midis with sneakers. I see them all the time.”

In other words, the midi is a very versatile dress!

Maxi Dress

Oh, the maxi, what a dress!

So, what exactly is a maxi dress? Generally speaking, a maxi dress is a dress that has a length that goes to around the ankles. For some, it can be just above and for others just below.

In other words, a long, luscious dress!

Yeah, I know you can tell this is my favorite.

Long Evening Dress

A woman in white shines in the evening, or so they say.

Basically, a long evening dress is a long evening dress.

So, what exactly is an evening dress? An evening dress is a type of dress worn in the evening for casual or formal happenings.

Think of a red carpet event!

You could also think of a wedding, work party, a girls’ night out, or even a movie night!

When the evening hits, an evening dress wakes your spirit!

Summer Beach Dress

Plus Size Dresses for the Summer Season - Beach - AJ Paris Travel

Oh, let’s not forget “the” summer dress.

So, what is a summer beach dress? Basically, it is any kind of dress that you can wear to the beach. Generally speaking, it should be of a material that won’t stay wet too long, such as polyester or nylon.

“If you’re planning to go to the beach early or late afternoon, then a white dress works,” says Rebecca. “A white cloth will attract heat, so you don’t want that between 10 am and 4 pm,” she adds. “However, wearing a white dress as the sun sets makes you stand out in the crowd.”

Meanwhile, Rebecca recommends wearing a black dress in the middle of the day (if you must be out to the beach).

“Of course, there is such a thing as a sun-protective or UPF dress, too,” she says.

UPF clothing is to protect against sun exposure.

They come in every color!

Plus Size Weight Management

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Because of the diversity of plus size women, plus size dresses for the summer are varied, too.

Of course, dresses, in general, are many.

For example, there is a woman who loves the sensual slip. 

However, there is a woman who prefers the more “modest” midi.

Likewise, there is the occasion for the mini and the times for the maxi.

As a result, in this article, you had a chance to seem them all.

Did I miss something?

If so, I would love to hear your feedback below.

Lena Wilson is a fashion writer for Caravanzers.