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Italian-born Riccardo Scavo is an artist who imagines a colorful world that brings a lot together.

So, he is from the Catania, the attractive and ancient port city on Sicily’s east coast.

Meanwhile, today he lives in Chennai, one of India’s most ancient cities.

So, we hope this article gives you a broader understanding of this cool artist!

Inspiring Italy


Scavo was born in 1987 in Catania.

So, he says he was born an artist.

“Well, I suppose, since I have memory,” he tells me. “Art is part of my life, and I can’t live without. My art is my own way to see the world because it is through the art that I express myself and the magical world of metaphysics.”

Meanwhile, he is also a trained artist. In 2010, he graduated from the Accademia Belle Arti di Catania (Fine Art Academy).

He is a multifaceted artist who is capable of using diverse techniques.

For example, you can see both classical painting styles and illustrations!

Likewise, his art can bring together many different elements.

Scavo says he was inspired by his life in Italy.

“My life in Italy was beautiful because to wherever and whatever you turn your head to, you will see an incredible landscape,” he says. 

However, he says he had a hard time with jobs.

Incredible India


Then, India came calling.

“Italy didn’t offer me a stable job position,” says Scavo. “I was considering the idea to open a tattoo studio, but then I got a proposal to work in India.”

So, the offer to work in India as a visual art teacher in an international school appealed to Scavo.

And he is enjoying his life in India.

“I live in a beautiful complex,” says Scavo, who lives with his wife, a writer who’s also from Sicily. “I love painting, I’m preparing an art exhibition here in Chennai, which should happen around April-May,” he adds.

Because I have been to Chennai several times, I joked with Scavo that it is not easy to find Italian food in Chennai.

“At home, since we are Sicilians, I’m the cook,” he says. “You will always find tiramisu, espresso, and pizza!”

However, Scavo admits he misses real pizza back home.

Bright Future


Even though he is a new environment, you can see Scavo’s artistic vision is expanding in India.

“I hope to continue my life as well as it is going,” says Scavo. “I also hope to always be curious about the world, and to all the opportunities life wants to offer,” he adds.

Of course, like most artists in the world, Scavo hopes to continue his artistic life.

“Making art, as well and promoting it,” he says. “I love to create around me an artistic ambiance. I think making art all together develops our creativity. For example, it is what I do with my wife, as she writes, and I paint. It is incredible how much positive energy you spread.”

A big dream of his is to purchase a house in his home area in Sicily. 

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AJ Paris is a travel photographer based in New York. He is the editor of Caravanzers.