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Travel health insurance is a must for those of us who travel outside of our countries.

For example, there are millions of Americans who are without health insurance.

So, if they were traveling in, say, India and they had an accident, what would happen?

Because India is a beautiful country, full of colorful things, many people overlook the fact that a few years ago the United Nations ranked India on 112 out of 190 countries.

Therefore, your travel would be very chaotic!

So, get health insurance before you travel.

Meanwhile, what should you look for in a travel health insurance?

Here are some things to make sure you have.

Medical Evacuation

So, no one wants to think about it, but medical evacuation is something you should consider before you travel.

For example, let’s say you are in Tanzania and come down with falciparum malaria.

Because this is a drug-resistant malaria from which most people die, you will probably want to be transported home.

So, having medical evacuation in your insurance will come in handy!

Travel Accident

Travel accident is pretty typical.

Because accidents are typical in general, if you happen to find yourself in one you would want to make sure you can get to the best hospital in the area without worry!

So, yeah, travel accident should be part of your insurance.

Emergency Medical

Although we all know to be careful, many people get sick while traveling.

Because no one plans to get food poisoning while traveling, an insurance with emergency medical benefits will be super important!

So, insist on emergency medical benefits as part of your travel health insurance.


So, it goes without saying that travel health insurance is important.

Don’t leave your country without it.

Because over 40 million Americans go without health insurance at home, you really don’t want to take the risk to do the same elsewhere.

Therefore, insist on it!

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AJ Paris is a travel photographer based in New York. He is the editor of Caravanzers.