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Kashish Saswani is a young fashionista living in Indore, India.

Because she is a young woman living in the modern times, she says her favorite style is modern.

However, she is very proud of herself as an Indian and also confidently wears traditional Indian clothes!


“You should be confident in whatever you are wearing,” says Kashish Saswani.

So, India is home to an estimated 1.4 billion people, and women contribute greatly in their society.

The fashion industry is no exception.

For example, there are top female fashion designers such as Ritu Kumar, Anita Dongre, and Masaba Gupta.


“Carry that outfit in your own way,” says Kashish Saswani.

India is both modern and traditional.

“As a result, some young women, especially those who live outside of big cities, feel judged if they wear modern clothes like short skirts or trousers,” says Vishal, a young man who works in fashion.

Of course, the more young women in bigger cities like Kashish continue to confidently dress as they wish, society will only continuously grow in a more accepting.

“Stay confident in whatever you want to wear,” says Kashish Saswani.

In India there are huge fashion houses like Sabyasachi, which feature traditional clothes for both everyday wear as well as wedding.

In other words, traditional wear is normal in India and Indian culture.

That is, it is not like here in the United States where traditional wear is something you wear once in a blue moon.

“The average Indian woman wears more saris than anything else,” says Vishal.

Saris, which are draped dresses that come with a top and a bottom, are very pretty, as they compliment a woman’s figure.

Kashish Saswani in modern and traditional clothes.

Kashish is just the new Indian girl next door.

She is young, lives in the largest city of her state, and is currently in her studies.

Because we love her personality and style, you will see more of her in the coming months and years on our website and social media.

Anjali Chopra is a fashion enthusiast and the author of Bollywood.


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