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Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace review that memorializes some of its ups and downs in its 87-episode Qing Dynasty saga, here are 10.

In this captivating drama series, viewers are swept to a time of intricate palace politics and power struggles during Imperial China.

From when she was passed over for another woman to when they killed her children, let’s turn back the hands of time and recall sad moments.

If you love the show, this is an appreciation guide to Ruyi’s character of cool, calm, and collected in the wake of insanity.

So, get ready to pull out the Ben & Jerry’s and a couple of tissue!

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Review – Introduction

We love this show. “Ruyi’s Royal Love In the Palace” has captivated audiences worldwide for several compelling reasons.

Firstly, the show presents a refreshing portrayal of an imperial character, showcasing Ruyi as a new archetype within the context of Chinese historical dramas.

Unlike traditional submissive and passive female characters often seen in similar narratives, Ruyi emerges as a resilient, independent, and multi-dimensional protagonist.

Her strength, intelligence, and unwavering determination to navigate the treacherous world of the palace captivate viewers, providing a compelling and empowering representation.

The global appeal of Ruyi’s Royal Love In the Palace is due to various factors.

The lavish costumes, intricate set designs, and authentic historical backdrop contribute to an immersive viewing experience, attracting viewers from different cultures and backgrounds.

Oh, and also the food.

The stellar performances by the cast, led by the talented actress Zhou Xun as Ruyi, have also played a significant role in capturing the hearts of global audiences.

The nuanced portrayal of complex emotions and the chemistry between the actors have garnered praise and admiration, enhancing the overall appeal of the show.

So, yeah, we absolutely love this show! And with that, we want to say this a Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace review for fans.

When She Became A Second Wife – Episode 1

Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace Review, Episode 1 - Caravanzers

The story starts with a bang when Ruyi, then called Qingying, decides to become the first wife of her childhood lover.

Sadly, though, those dreams don’t come true because they refuse her to the prestigious position.

Instead, she finds herself thrust into the challenging role of sharing the second wife position with Lady Gao.

And even that came with a price of her love risking his future.

But, as her aunt, the Empress, pointed out, when the future emperor, Hongli, risked everything, who care about positions, right?

Setting the stage for a riveting tale of resilience, ambition, and the complexities of life within the imperial palace.

This unexpected twist of fate becomes a defining moment for Ruyi, as she navigates the treacherous waters of palace intrigue while striving to carve her own path in a world dictated by tradition and hierarchy.

When Left Behind In the Manor – Episode 4

As destiny unfolds in Ruyi’s Royal Love In the Palace, Qingying experiences another significant setback when her husband, who was once a prince, ascends to the throne as Emperor Qianlong.

Sadly, rather than being welcomed into the grandeur of the imperial palace for the royal wives, she is left behind in the confines of the old princely manor.

It is during this trying time that Qingying faces the full force of the harem’s influence, as she is isolated and separated from her husband’s new life as the ruler of the empire.

Despite the deep yearning to be by her husband’s side, Qingying displays unwavering patience and resilience.

Through her indomitable spirit and unwavering determination, Qingying becomes a symbol of grace under pressure.

This is truly when the audience starts to fall in love with this beautiful woman.

She endures the emotional turmoil, channeling her energy into self-improvement and honing her skills in order to stay true to herself.

When Blamed for Destroying a Face – Episode 8

This is definitely another must-recommend episode in a Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace review.

In a dramatic turn of events within the captivating series, Ruyi finds herself entangled in a grave accusation that threatens to shatter her world once again.

A calculation arises when Ruyi is wrongly accused of intentionally disfiguring the face of another concubine, who plays the pipa.

Although it later becomes evident that the concubine did not intend to set up Ruyi, the damage was already done.

Summoned before the formidable presence of the Emperor and Empress, Ruyi faces the terrifying prospect of undergoing an investigation, which can include the use of torture.

Amidst this crisis, Ruyi’s resilience and inner strength shine through once again.

Despite the looming threat and the potential to endure unimaginable pain, she remains composed and steadfast.

In fact, another concubine, who turns out to be a long-term close friend, comes to her defense and saves her life.

This pivotal moment in Ruyi’s journey showcases not only her unwavering determination but also her ability to confront adversity with grace and resilience.

When Sent to the Cold Palace – Episode 20

Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace Review, Episode 20 - Caravanzers

A Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace review would be cheating without this major episode.

In a heart-wrenching twist of fate within the captivating series, Ruyi finds herself facing the ultimate betrayal as a series of accusations and political machinations culminate in her banishment to the dreaded Cold Palace.

This cruel and isolating place becomes the haunting symbol of dishonor and despair for concubines who have fallen out of favor.

For Ruyi, the agony of being separated from her beloved husband and the comforts of her former life pale in comparison to the heartbreak of being torn away from her adopted son, the First Prince.

The bond between Ruyi and the First Prince runs deep, built on love, care, and shared experiences.

As the emperor’s hand is forced by circumstances beyond his control, Ruyi finds herself helplessly cast aside, isolated in the desolate Cold Palace, and severed from the one person who has brought her immeasurable joy and meaning.

Amidst the heartbreak, Ruyi’s character continues to shine as she summons her inner strength to endure the harrowing circumstances thrust upon her.

This poignant and heartbreaking moment in the series underscores the immense emotional toll that power struggles and palace intrigue exact on everyone. It leaves viewers with an impression of Ruyi’s resilience as she perseveres in the face of unimaginable loss and separation.

When They Killed Her Father – Episode 25

In a series filled with heart-wrenching moments, one of the most devastating turns of events in the show unfolds as tragedy strikes even while Ruyi resides in the desolate Cold Palace.

The news arrives that Ruyi’s beloved father has died, leaving her shattered and consumed by grief.

Of course, she doesn’t know they killed him just yet.

The weight of this profound loss is palpable as Ruyi sends word to confirm the tragic news, desperately clinging to the hope that it may not be true.

The agonizing wait for an entire day amplifies the anguish felt by both Ruyi and viewers alike.

The suspense culminates in a heartbreakingly painful realization of her father’s fate.

Days later, when Ruyi attempts to burn paper money as a way to honor her father’s memory and bid him farewell, her actions are seized upon by scheming concubines who manipulate the situation to portray her as cursing the royal family.

This treacherous plot is meant to ensure her elimination, as those who seek her downfall seize this opportunity to instigate her demise under the watchful eye of the powerful Empress Dowager.

Yet, in a remarkable twist, this moment of despair becomes a turning point for Ruyi.

Instead of succumbing to the machinations of her enemies, she demonstrates her compassion and quick thinking by saving the life of Empress Dowager herself.

This unexpected act of heroism not only protects Ruyi from immediate harm but also manages to win the favor of Empress Dowager, showcasing her resilience and resourcefulness.

However, the underlying sadness remains as it becomes evident just how fiercely Ruyi is a target for elimination by those threatened by her presence.

When They Tried to Burn Her – Episode 26

This is another Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace review must-include episode.

In a harrowing twist of fate within the show, the treachery and cruelty of those threatened by Ruyi’s resilience escalate to unimaginable levels.

They hatched a plan to burn down the Cold Palace during the Spring Festival, with the hope that Ruyi will perish in the inferno.

While Ruyi miraculously survives this heinous act, the aftermath leaves her emotionally torn and burdened with a profound sense of sorrow.

Amidst the charred ruins of the Cold Palace, a poignant moment unfolds as the Emperor visits Ruyi.

In a gesture of protection and solace, he places his Imperial Cape over her, signifying his care and concern.

However, a painful look crosses Ruyi’s face reveals the inner conflict and turmoil she grapples with.

This deeply poignant moment showcases Ruyi’s internal struggle as she faces the duality of her emotions.

On the one hand, she yearns for the love and support of her husband, but on the other hand, the painful weight of her suspicions cast a shadow over any sense of comfort or security.

When They Accused Her of Adultery – Episode 44

Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace Review, Episode 49 - Caravanzers

In a deeply distressing and heart-wrenching turn of events within the compelling series “Ruyi’s Royal Love In the Palace,” Ruyi becomes the victim of a malicious scheme that accuses her of infidelity with a visiting Buddhist Monk.

This elaborate plot serves to manipulate and harm not only Ruyi but also those closest to her, creating a rift between her and her beloved husband, the Emperor.

Remember, this is a crime worthy of capital punishment.

As the accusation of infidelity spreads, Ruyi’s loyal personal attendant and friend, Suoxin, becomes entangled in the web of deceit.

The scheme forces the Emperor’s hand, as he is compelled to take action based on the “Big Picture” of preserving the stability and reputation of the imperial household.

This painful decision causes a profound rift between Ruyi and her husband as their perspectives diverge in the face of political necessity and personal anguish.

Amidst this heartbreaking situation, viewers witness the depth of Ruyi’s character and her unwavering loyalty and love for the wonderful people in her life.

Nevertheless, this sad moment showcases the poignant contrast between personal desires and the demands of the political realm within the palace.

When They Killed Her Son – Episode 64

In a heart-wrenching and tragic turn of events within the emotionally charged series, Ruyi finds herself ensnared in a cruel plot orchestrated by the harem, resulting in the devastating loss of her unborn son.

This moment stands out as one of the saddest and most emotionally impactful in the entire narrative, leaving viewers shattered by the weight of Ruyi’s grief.

The harem’s relentless scheming takes a harrowing toll on Ruyi as a compromised midwife, under their influence, orchestrates a situation that leads to the delivery of a stillborn child.

When Ruyi awakens to the heart-wrenching truth, learning that her long-awaited and cherished son did not survive, the magnitude of her pain becomes unbearable.

This poignant moment strikes at the core of Ruyi’s hopes and dreams, as the loss of her unborn child represents not only the devastation of a life cut short but also the shattering of her maternal instincts and the profound emptiness that follows.

The profound sadness and heartbreak conveyed at this moment evoke a visceral response from the audience.

The loss of innocent life and the cruelty inflicted upon Ruyi highlight the depths of treachery and despair within the palace walls.

It serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices endured by those entangled in the intricate web of power struggles, where even the most personal and intimate aspects of life are subject to manipulation and heartache.

As viewers bear witness to Ruyi’s devastation, they empathize with her profound grief and mourn the loss of a life, joy, and fulfillment.

When She Was Forced to Cut Her Ties – Episode 81

No way to write a Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace review without this incredibly moving episode.

Within the emotionally charged series, one of the saddest and most poignant moments unfolds when Ruyi, burdened by the weight of her husband’s increasing suspicion and the cumulative pain he has inflicted upon her, reaches her breaking point.

This moment of ultimate despair and heartache manifests when Ruyi makes the agonizing decision to sever her ties with the Emperor, symbolized by the act of cutting her hair.

Throughout their tumultuous relationship, the Emperor’s actions include a series of painful betrayals and humiliations directed at Ruyi.

His actions, such as torturing and castrating her close friend and openly expressing affection through poetry for his former dead wife, have left deep emotional scars on Ruyi’s heart.

This moment encapsulates the profound sadness and sense of resignation that permeates Ruyi’s character.

The sadness of this moment resonates deeply with viewers who have witnessed Ruyi’s resilience and fortitude throughout the series.

It highlights the devastating impact of a fractured relationship, wherein trust and love turn to bitterness.

As Ruyi makes the painful choice to walk away, viewers feel a profound sense of empathy for her plight and hope that she will find solace and happiness in her newfound independence.

When She Says Their Names – Episode 87

As the show nears its conclusion, a poignant and introspective moment unfolds as Ruyi sits with her personal attendant, sharing a quiet tea-drinking session.

In this bittersweet scene, Ruyi reflects on the tragic fates of the countless women who resided within the palace walls, their lives cut short and filled with unhappiness.

It is a moment that encapsulates the underlying message of the show, and later the Empress Dowager echoes it, too.

That message is that Ruyi refrained from causing harm and embraced love instead.

Through her journey, Ruyi emerges as a beacon of resilience and compassion.

While others may have resorted to manipulation, deceit, and cruelty, Ruyi steadfastly chose a different path.

She navigated the treacherous waters of the harem without intentionally causing harm to others, instead relying on her capacity for love and empathy.

This poignant moment serves as a culmination of Ruyi’s journey and the thematic core of the show.

It reminds viewers of the importance of kindness, empathy, and the preservation of one’s integrity, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Review – Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – 10 times when we sat in front of the television and cried our eyes out.

Truly, Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace is one of the best Chinese shows ever, and the billions of viewers online are a testament to its powerful messages.

The language of this show is so amazing.

Did we miss any of your favorites?

Let us know in the comments!

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