Beautiful Travel Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List Trip

Beautiful travel destinations. Use this expert insider guide to start planning your own trip to islands, picturesque towns, beaches, and more.

There are absolutely gorgeous places around the world. From hilly towns to pretty islands, you have a lot to choose from.

In this guide, I will share travel tips and ideas for some of the most beautiful places I think you would love.

So, get ready to take a ton of notes because I’m naming names!

Beautiful Travel Destinations

Beautiful Travel Destinations

Before getting into the list, I want to point out that travel essentials require you to think about certain things.

For instance, you will need a passport and visa to most of the world. Sometimes, you don’t need to get a visa ahead of time.

Other times, and far less often, I might add, you won’t even need any.

Once that is figured out, then you will need to deal with insurance. Make sure to get one that covers your entire travel, including health.

Then, you’re ready to explore.

So, when you think of beautiful travel destinations, what comes to mind?

If you’re anything like me, the chances are that Islands will pop into your head. They are like floating in space, surrounded by water.

Later, I will discuss a few, but islands are definitely at the top of this list.

I will also talk about some cities that I think you should consider. Sometimes, a city can leave you breathless.

Of course, natural spaces, too, which is why I will be discussing them in this guide.

Let’s start with the islands…

Beautiful Islands

Islands are perfect for disconnecting from the busy lifestyles of cities and mainland hustle.

Across the world are absolutely gorgeous islands, including famous ones like those in Hawaii.

For Americans, Hawaii is very interesting. This is a U.S. state, which means Americans don’t need a visa to visit.

On the other hand, this is literally in the South Pacific. As a result, Hawaii is incredibly exotic compared to states on the mainland.

But, of course, Hawaii is great for everyone to visit. This is a destination home to gorgeous landscapes, beautiful cities, and a wonderful indigenous culture.

Not too far from Hawaii is Bali. Bali, which is actually part of Indonesia, is a Hindu-majority island in an otherwise Muslim country.

This destination has everything you would want in a memorable trip. In Bali, you will find beautiful landscapes, picturesque beaches, and a unique culture.

Another gorgeous island nation to visit is Zanzibar. These islands represent their own autonomous region within Tanzania.

In this beautiful African destination, expect to visit awesome beaches, unique wildlife, and even a historical town.

Of course, there are tons of islands around the world, and every continent has beautiful travel destinations in these spots of land surrounded by water.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that visiting an island has its unique challenges, too. For instance, if you get seasick, the chances are it will aggravate this.

On the other hand, there are a ton of amazing reasons to visit them, as I have shown with Hawaii, Bali, and Zanzibar.

Beautiful Beaches

Beach destinations are perfect for those who love to tan, swim, and enjoy walks with sand beneath their feet.

Although islands are famous for their gorgeous beaches, there are equally beautiful travel destinations that are mainland ones, too.

One of the most popular beaches in the world is Bondi. This lively beach is in Sydney, and I would have to say it attracts locals and visitors alike.

So, the whole of Australia is actually full of beaches that will make you happy, but Bondi is the ultimate city beach.

On the other side of the world from Australia are absolutely breathtaking beaches in Florida.

Miami tends to be the typical gateway to these beaches, but they are scattered across the state.

My favorites, of course, are the ones in Miami Beach, mostly because they are super busy.

Not too far are beautiful Mexican beaches, including those in places like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and more.

Rio de Janeiro, to me at least, is home to some of the most interesting beaches in this world. World-class beaches like Ipanema and Copacabana await you here.

Across the Atlantic, you will find even more beautiful beaches in Cape Town. For example, Boulders Beach is home to an African penguin colony.

Don’t think I forgot about Asia and Europe. Asia has gorgeous beaches in places like Thailand, India, and Vietnam.

And in Europe, beautiful beaches tend to be on the Mediterranean in places like Greece, Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.

Finally, I would encourage you to invest in sunscreen when you visit these beaches, especially if they are near a big city.

Big city beaches tend to get us to the beach spontaneously, which often means not being prepared.

So, enjoy the gorgeous beaches in these beautiful travel destinations.

Beautiful Cities

Beautiful Cities
City trips are great for urban aficionados who love bustling markets, lively neighborhoods, and a ton of human activities.

As you travel the world, you will get to see that there really are some beautiful cities, and you will find them on every continent.

In my opinion, cities like Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, and Cape Town stand out.

These diverse cities are absolutely beautiful travel destinations. Paris is literally a museum.

At every turn, you will see something historical, and the city is really a great place to visit if you love architecture.

On the other hand, Tokyo is a city that truly celebrates its past and present equally.

In Tokyo, you will be able to visit ancient temples and modern skyscrapers.

In the United States, San Francisco is a gorgeous city to visit. It has a natural beauty you really can’t find anywhere else.

With its hilly streets surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, this Californian city charms even the most hard-to-crack traveler.

Of course, Rio de Janeiro is a master class on human experience. After all, this is the only city on this list with a World Wonder in its midst.

Rio has won the hearts of millions with its beautiful mountains zigzagging through its city limits, beaches drawing out pretty people, and zest for life.

Finally, a city that combines everything mentioned so far is Cape Town. This is a gorgeous city in a mountainous area on the coast.

Cape Town will give you history (Nelson Mandela was imprisoned nearby), natural beauty (Table Top Mountain), picturesque setting (pretty beaches), and incredible culture (a melting pot of African, European, and Asian cultures).

So, go ahead and add all of these cities to your bucket list.

Beautiful Spots in Nature

Nature destinations are great for those who want to remove themselves from busy urban areas, retreating to the peace of the natural outdoors.

Humans are truly an incredible species that have created some beautiful travel destinations. However, nature beats us on any given day.

Start your nature wonder in the savanna in East Africa. This is an incredible experience you will never forget.

For the best memorable trip, time your safari with wildebeest migration. This is one of the best shows that nature puts on every single year.

After that, head to Nepal to visit Everest. Talk about a natural wonder! This is the highest mountain in the world.

Plus, Everest is truly picturesque, especially if you can go in the winter when the snow takes over the horizon.

With animal diversity and fixed elements under your belt, I believe you’re ready for some water fun.

And that is where the Great Barrier Reef in Australia comes into play. This is one of the most beautiful experiences you can ever have underwater.

Next, see the magic in the air by traveling to Europe and witnessing the northern lights.

Honestly, you will sit there with your mouth open because of this incredibly moving experience.

Watch how the sun, the earth, and your perception come together for a truly unique experience.

Finally, you should head to South America to experience the incredible Amazon rainforest.

With its unique wildlife and indigenous cultures, this rainforest is one of the most beautiful travel destinations on our planet.

Final Thoughts

From gorgeous islands to incredible cities, there really are a lot of beautiful travel destinations to choose from.

In this guide, I focused on destinations like Paris, Bali, and the Amazon rainforest to give you a ton of options.

Whether you like to swim at peaceful beaches or retreat into nature, I gave you a lot of ideas to think about.

So, go ahead and plan your fun trip to these beautiful travel destinations!

AJ Paris is a travel photographer based in New York. He is the editor of Caravanzers.

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